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Join OMA Kid Bands and Band Workshops

Check out our after-school offerings to develop musicians with experience playing in ensembles, teamwork, improvisation, form, and many more possiblities!

Kids build teamwork skills, have fun, learn rehearsal strategies, and develop their musician's mindfulness on the way to seasonal concerts while studying one or more instruments from the mondern bandstand. 

See below for descriptions

Kid's Rockbands
Group Piano Class
Group Drum Class
Kid's Rockbands
Devastator Kid Band
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Kids Bands:
Beginner Level: suited for students needing orientation with beat, instrument technique, scales, chords, beat, and reading, 

Intermediate Level: Suited for students who already have experience playing and have familiarity with form, chords, scales, notation, and tablature

Beginning and Intermediate Band Workshop:
This newest offering at OMA offers students a longer evening of building mindful musicianship through mini lessons on sight-reading, ear training, instrument technique and repertoire study. This workshop prepares student to be leaders in their ensembles through guided study and musicianship building with OMA faculty

Songwriters Workshop: 
The Spring term for this class involves Students in this class will 

Monday: Group piano Classes:
Beginning: 5 weeks $30/week $150 Session Price

Tuesday: Bands meet 1x/week
Beginning: 6 weeks $35/week 

Intermediate/Adv: 9 weeks $40/week 

Wednesday: Classes meet 1x/week
Beginning: 6 weeks $35/week 
Songwriters Workshop: 6 Weeks $55/Week (90 minute class) 
Devastator Performance Band: 6 weeks $40/week 

Thursday: Bands meet 1x/week
Beginning: 6 weeks $35/week 

Intermediate/Adv: 6 weeks $40/week 
Beginner/Intermediate Rockband Workshop $75/week 6 weeks

Beginning Group Drumming: $35/week 5 weeks


Monday: Groups meet once per week: 5 Week Session 1/9-2/13

Beginning Piano: This is a continuation of the Fall Session
- Students study the Bastien Primer Series in a group setting with Ozzy and experienced piano teacher Ms. Linda Andersen.
- Students awaken coordination in and play with both hands learning rhythm and pitch and discover the foundations for notation and practice strategies.
- Students dance, improvise, and play for one another, all while covering basics for notation, theory and technique. 

Ozzy's Music Academy recommends beginning piano in the fall of first grade. However, we are accepting auditions for 2nd semester Kindergarten students in January for placement in Beginning Piano group classes. Prerequisites include familiarity with colors, numbers, alphabet, and ability to track reading from left to right. 

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