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Fall Session 2022:

"Spooky Scary Songs" September 5 November 4
9 week session

Kids Rock Bands Ages 6-12

Beginning Piano Group
Classes: ages 6-8

Middleschool/Teen Band

Songwriters Workshop (ages 6-12) 

Our Schedule this Fall:

Join us in mindful music making in one of our Rock Bands.
Students/Band Members will learn to play 1-2 songs on one or more of the following instruments: ukulele,  piano, guitar, bass, drums, vocals

Piano Group Lessons: 
Join us to learn the fundamentals of technique, reading, and improvising using Ozzy's color system,  and custom instruments

DRUM: Beginning Percussion for the Modern Band
Join Mr. Michael for beginning modern rock band percussion. We'll learn a dozen or more beginning patterns, the parts of the drumset, how to read drum notation, proper stick and hand percussion technique, how to play at all different dynamic levels, how to play in an ensemble, how to improvise,  and how to practice at home. We'll also be dancing each class to the beat of one another's playing! 


Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 11.49.15 AM.png

Tuesday Bands meet 1x/week
Beginning: 9 weeks $35/week $315/Session Price
Intermediate/Adv: 9 weeks $40/week $360/Session Price
Advanced: 9 weeks $40/week $360/Session Price

Wednesday: Classes meet 1x/week
Beginning: 9 weeks $35/week $315/Session Price
Songwriters Workshop: 9 Weeks $55/Week (90 minute class) $495/week
Middleschool/Teen Band: 9 weeks $40/week $360/Session Price

Thursday: Bands meet 1x/week
Beginning: 9 weeks $35/week $315/Session Price

Intermediate/Adv: 9 weeks $40/week $360/Session Price
Advanced: 9 weeks $40/week $360/Session Price

Beginner Level: suited for students needing orientation with beat, instrument technique, scales, chords, beat, and reading, 

Intermediate Level: Suited for students who already have experience playing and have familiarity with form, chords, scales, notation, and tablature

Advanced Level: Suited for students who confidently read notation and are ready to study transcriptions of their favorite songs 

Monday: Groups meet once per week: 7 Week Session 9/12-10/24

Beginning Piano: This is a continuation of the Spring Session
- Students play composed and songs from the Children's Folk tradition. Students awaken coordination in and play with both hands learning rhythm and pitch and discover pre-notation. 

Intermediate Piano: Students continue technique and begin to discover notation on the staff and rhythm reading

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