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Welcome to Autumn at the Academy! 

Find out more about our fall after-school offerings

Join us at the Academy as we foster the next generation of Fun Functional Musicians! 

Join us for one or more of our individual lessons, group lessons, studio classes, or for family fun nights. 


Support Ozzy's Music Academy

Our Offerings include:
Kid "Rock" Bands:

These ensembles prepare popular songs in the "Modern Band" style. Performances will showcase student growth rather than simply recreating album versions of songs. You'll see students showcasing understanding of chords, harmony, rhythm, form, and improvisation 

- Join for 1 to 3 hours per day

- Students will play 1-2 songs per hour of enrolled "Rock"band participation at the fall concert 














*combo times may be subject to change based on AUSD scheduling

Group instrument Classes: steadily progress through your piano/ukulele lesson book with the help of Ozzy and/or another teaching artist at the Academy. 


Students will develop fundamental skills like sight-reading including rhythm reading, note reading, fundamental technique and repertoire


Students will participate in a group song at the seasonal showcases. 

Group Piano is an 11-week course (No class 9-6-21)

Group Ukulele is a 12 week course 

Prices are

$25 per session

$20 for the Advanced Band Combo

Teen Night at the Academy: Join us on Tuesdays from 7-9pm for our teen artists/band mentorship. Aspiring musicians join a teaching artist at the Academy to receive guidance or feedback on their practice or compositions. They will also receive coaching on how to play, write, and rehearse together. Mentor Sessions culminate with the 8-9pm Teen night Jam session.


7-9pm session at half price $20 for sessions before January 1, 2022

Teen Night *Jam only*   8-9pm $10 drop in








Private Lessons: want to address something specific within your practice? Book a session Ozzy for some guidance and support. Lessons are sliding scale at $75/hour. Inquire about additional teaching artists availability at the Academy.  


Private lessons will be available from 1:30 to 2:25 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.




Family Fun Night: Bring the whole family by the Studio on the Third Friday of the month for Dancing, Games, and Music!  

  • Students of all ages will form bands and rehearse the week's songs from 4:30-6pm

  • Students will perform for family from 6-6:30

  • Students may take 1 of 5 slots in solo or group an open mic followed by student bands

  • 6:30-7:30 is family jam and game time including live band "Rockband" and  live band "Just Dance" 

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