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Songs of Friendship And Love 2023:
January 9- February 16

Afterschool Kids' Rockbands
Join us in mindful music making in one of our Rock Bands.
Students will learn to play 1-2 songs on one or more of the following instruments: ukulele,  piano, guitar, bass, drums, vocals

Piano Group Lessons: 
Join us to learn the fundamentals of technique, reading, and improvising using Ozzy's color system,  and custom instruments

Musical Family
Parents and/or guardians and their young musician ages 2-5 join us on their journey to creating a home and family filled with communication, singing, dancing, playing, and exploration!

Devastator Kid Band
Musicians ages 10 and up study and prepare a setlist to perform at local festivals, venues and parties. Requires late-beginner competency and 6 month commitment. Students are encouraged to concurrently enroll in private lessons to study/prepare challenging sections of songs. (Placement by audition/invitation only.)

DRUM: Beginning Percussion for the Modern Band
Join Ozzy for beginning modern rock band percussion. We'll learn a dozen or more beginning patterns, the parts of the drumset, how to read drum notation, proper stick and hand percussion technique, how to play at all different dynamic levels, how to play in an ensemble, how to improvise,  and how to practice at home. We'll also be dancing each class to the beat of each other's playing! 


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