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Summer Camps 2022

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About Our Camps
- 9-4pm with 4-5pm supervision available 
- Weekly rates available
- Group Performance, Games, Park lunch
- Snacks
- Small group and individual instruction
- Peer Teaching
- Daily Mindfulness-based group Games
- Students art projects 
- Differentiated Goals for all skill levels
- Option to study/experiment on              additional instruments 
Summer Music 101: Beginning Ukulele and Piano
Two-Day Camp: June 9-10, for ages six-11

This camp will introduce your student to the basics of beat, rhythm, strumming, melody, and chords on the ukulele or piano. This is a great camp to take if you are considering another camp later in the summer to get a running start on technique!

Setlist: "Coffin Dance" + "Skin and Bones"  
Great Camp for Beginners!
School's Out: Beginning 'Rock' Band June 13-17, for ages six-11
 - Instruments taught at this camp include ukulele     piano & vocals.
 - In this one-week camp, beginners of all ages         learn basic techniques for keys/strumming,           melody playing, rhythm patterns, song form, tips     for singing and improvisation. 
 - Students will learn to decode chord charts and     beginning melodies on instruments like Ukulele,     Bass, Drums, and Piano. ​
 - This is a great primer camp for those                   considering a longer session later in the               summer 

Setlist: "Coffin Dance," "Dance Monkey," 
Great Camp for Beginners!
Campfire Songs, 2 Weeks
Beginning Ukulele & Piano: June 20-July 1:
 - Students will choose Ukulele, Piano, or       other modern band instruments to play     for the show.
 - Students will get to learn other               instruments from their peers and             teachers after showing competency on     their first-choice instrument.
- Ideal for Beginners and Intermediate       with some experience or participation     in prior Ozzy's Music Academy               Camps or Classes.
 - Students learn basic techniques and         move into intermediate strategies of       strumming, melody, improvisation, ear     training, and chords. 

Setlist: "Campfire Song Song" "Free Fallin" "Lion Sleeps Tonight"  
"Summer Fun Songs" Beginning 'Rock' Band: July 11-22:
 - Students at this camp choose between Ukulele,     Piano, Bass or Drums to learn for the show.
- Ideal for beginners through Intermediate with       some experience or participation in prior Ozzy's     Music Academy Camps or Classes.
 - Guitar players with experience are encouraged     to join.
 - Students learn basic to intermediate techniques     for percussion, strumming, melody playing,           singing, and chords. 

Setlist: "3 Little Birds" "Don't Worry, Be Happy" 
"Disney and Movie Songs" 1 or 2 weeks: A Music Camp for Kid's Favorites from Disney and other movies: July 25-August 5, Beginners through Advanced
 - Students at this camp will choose between           Ukulele, Piano, Bass, and Drums to learn for the     show. 
 - Girls will learn basic to intermediate techniques     for percussion, strumming, melody, playing,           singing, and chords on their chosen instrument. 
Setlist: "How Far I'll Go," (from Moana) "Try Everything" (from Zootopia) and other Disney favorites
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Girl's Favorite
Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 2.24.45 AM.png
"A Day At the Beach" August 8-12 at OMA
- Students will choose between Ukulele, Piano,         Bass, Drums and Singing.

- Students will learn song form, scales, melodies,      and chords on their instrument of choice.

Setlist: "Surfin USA," "Lava," How Far I'll Go," "Day-O"

"Sumer Music 101"
"Schools Out"
"Summer Fun and Sea Shanties"
Campfire Songs
Girls Rock Camp
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