Ozzy, Joseph Osborne, is a musician, music educator, and philanthropist bringing music to the East bay and beyond. 


Creating a world with more music sounds beautiful. 

Growing up, Joseph was playing piano daily and singing at school in choirs, classes and at church. His Father was a passionate hobbyist singer who participated in and had many friends in the various choirs at church and with fellow Barbershoppers. 


Joseph studied Education and Music at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, completing his undergraduate degree at Wayne State Teachers College. 


His teaching career took him to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State for a few years of scenic beauty before moving to Oakland to pursue his Master's Degree in Music and Pedagogy. Since completion at Holy Names University, he has taught privately and in Charter and Public schools. 

His most recent teaching project is Emotive Arts Oakland, a 10-day workshop that centers on Social-Emotional skill building through performing and visual arts skits. 

He works with families and individuals of all ages to connect them to their inner artist and build the practices necessary to feel successful making music. 

He shares the liberating joy and connection of music making that brings people and families closer to themselves and one another.


Ozzy is one of the most Optimistic people I have ever met. 

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