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Mission Vision and Values 

Our Vision: Emotive Arts Oakland equips students with lifechanging skills to prepare them to meet and take on any challenge at home, in relationships and in their academic professions and careers. 
Our Mission: Emotive Arts Oakland gives students the language and practices that allow them to communicate and exist mindfully as an observer of their's and others' emotional experiences. Emotive Arts reaches students across all demographics, ethnicities, and income levels to impart these practices that enrich their person, their families, and ultimately their communities.
Our Values:
Mindfulness: We suspend judgement to be present in the current moment within our past and present goals.   
Self-Awareness: We are grounded in ourselves through mindfulness while explicitly labeling emotions, allowing us to safely honor and respect ours and one-another's experiences, needs, and stories. 
Communication: through needs and observation based language, we honor one another's communication and greet one another with compassion and a desire to understand and thrive within our communities. We advocate for our own needs and boundaries around safety and comfort at school and in relationships. 
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