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Meet Mr. Rjay Molo

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Rjay Molo is a vocal percussionist, jazz vocalist and multi-instrumentalist playing and teaching ukulele and piano to beginners and intermediate players. 

Rjay began his vocal journey in a household full of singers, racking up countless hours of karaoke through his early childhood. 

Music was a natural pathway for him as he found his way into worship ensembles, eventually directing

and participating in a group at his family church. 

Rjay began studying music at Diablo Valley Community College in Walnut Creek in 2017 and continues to shine as a specialist on vocal percussion in the vocal jazz ensemble. 

Rjay brings sweet tone, incomparable range, improvisation, and limitless versatility to the team, not only teaching private lessons but also acting as OMA's lead rehearsal assistant, helping in group rehearsals and at vacation/summer camps. Rjay is also the media director for OMA productions, creating free learning content and supporting the OMA Patreon page. 

You can reach him at

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