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Hey There Music Fam! Meet Molly Smart, one of OMA's new private instructors!


Molly is a multi-instrumentalist and performer who has taught musicians of all ages in the Bay Area, currently teaching in Oakland.


She teaches individual lessons in piano, guitar, flute, bass, ukulele and voice, and is passionate about combining music theory with instrumental practice and songwriting. Molly has 15 years of experience directing rock band ensembles at the high school level, and is also excited about helping beginners discover their instruments.  She is experienced in teaching classical and popular repertoire, and believes that learning music should be fun and challenging, encouraging her students to pursue repertoire they enjoy. Her teaching practice is based on following the excitement of her students, while maintaining a solid base of theory and practice fundamentals. 


Molly has a BA in music composition from Amherst College and an MA in Ethnomusicology from UC Berkeley, and currently performs with her band at local Bay Area venues. 

You can reach Molly directly for lesson inquiries at

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