Meet Armelle Delaney!

                             Armelle is a Bay-Area vocal                                         Jazz artist who also teaches                                         beginning ukulele and piano. She                                 conveys her natural fluid                                             understanding of harmony and                                     song structures to make singing fun                               and accessible to singers of all ages                               and backgrounds. If you are looking                               to strengthen your ability to sing in                               tune, learn a song, or prepare                                     yourself for an upcoming performance, Armelle will get you there through structured mentorship and guidance. Deeply connected with the local Jazz scene, you'll catch Armelle performing with other professionals and gigging in the Bay Area and beyond. 

Inspired by her favorite jazz era legends, Armelle grew up in Melbourne, Australia swinging along with the radio to the music that she loved. She cultivated her silky-smooth vocals listening to records and studying with some of the greatest Jazz Musicians of our time here in the San Francisco Bay area, Vermont and New York City. Armelle can be found performing & teaching throughout the Bay Area, and internationally in Japan, Chile and Australia. 
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Armelle is available for in-person and online lessons. You can book a lesson on our client portal and Armelle will contact you to arrange a time for your session.


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