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Meet Ms. Margaret Scranton

Ms. Margaret Scranton is a rock guitarist living in Oakland California. She has been teaching for over 20 years developing her own styles and strategies to get her students playing, solo-ing, reading, and conceptualizing music theory and composition. 

Her early influences came from hours of AM radio, classical music and rock music of the 60's and 70's


She started guitar studies in 1982 after seeing Van Halen in concert. Then she then found inspiration and drive studying the works of Randy Rhoads. She found her way into private lessons in technique and music theory.

Building a disciplined practice schedule on technique, theory, improvisation and composition, she began songwriting and playing in bands.

Finding her way into clubs all over the SF Bay Area, in 2007, she published a self titled EP "Born Ready." This recording, completed with percussion by Tom Hunting, the drummer from Exodus, landed her a national management deal. 

She later formed my own group titled Scranton and released a full length album in 2014 called Old School Rant. She also played in a Ramones tribute band for 3 years and an all female cover band "Miss Behaved" until 2018. She's done work as a hired studio musician with producer Terry Scott of the Gap Band. 

Some quotes from Margaret: 
* I believe learning should be based on enthusiasm and curiosity.
* one of my philosophies is the 3 T's... Tuning, Tempo and Technique. As we learn songs we learn about music and how our instrument works. All while having fun!
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