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Character Values Through Song

8 Week Song workshop

Welcome to our 8 week singing workshop that brings popular songs relyric'd to cover wellness topics like Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, and Healthy Communication practices.   
During these workshops students will learn to sing popular and original songs that reflect your school's and EOA Principles. During workshop time, teaching artists guide students through play-based emotional games then facilitate discussions around the SEL topic of the day as well as teaching singing, musicianship, and mindfulness through performing arts.  
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Artists Principles:
Integrating ownership of 3 fundamental Emotional Grounding Points: Love, Calm, and Fear, stages of arousal and the Emotional Escalation Cycle 
Grow Lovingly Emotion Chart 2.png
Adapting and Developing Reflective Mindfulness Practices
Integrating and Adapting Communication practices utilizing needs-based language, 'I'-statements, compassion, and empathy. 
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