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Welcome Ozzy's Music Academy!

Join us as we amplify the voices and talents of the people of our lovely town! Through mindful musicianship, we can bring music making into homes and our community, shaping the a new generation music makers! 


Making the world sound more beautiful

- We value Music as a fixture in our Communities.

- We share the joy and discipline of music-making    with individuals and families of all ages and skill    levels.

- We specialize in Vacation camps afterschool programming for children and youth and one-on-one lessons for learners of all ages.

- You'll find instruments from the Modern Band        including ukulele, guitar, bass, piano/keys, drums, introduction/tutoring to brass/woodwinds, and vocal performance.





















If you or your young musician are looking to

explore a future in music, or just want to have fun, we're the right spot for you! Here, you'll build a foundation for a lifetime of sharing and enjoying music! 


Join us at Ozzy's Music Academy as we Amplify Alameda through Vacation/Summer camps, group and private lessons, rock bands, mentorship and rehearsal space!

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Imagine a Community Music Center with the supportive structures of a music classroom combined with the technology and excitement of a performance space and recording studio. Here everyone is welcome to learn, grow, and express themselves. There's always someone willing to lend a hand, provide advice, show you a new way to play, and encourage you along your journey. 
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The Brightest musical futures are built upon familiarity and comfort with: 


- Improvisation

- Song Form Mastery

- Technique 

- Discipline

- Repertoire

- Theory

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