Welcome Ozzy's Music Academy


Welcome to the Academy! Let's amplify the voices and talents of the people of our lovely town! 


Let's help the world sound a bit more beautiful.

- We value Music as a fixture in our Communities.

- We share the joy of music making with individuals and families of all ages.

- We specialize in one-on-one and after-school youth programming

- You'll find instruments from the Modern Band including ukulele, guitar, bass, piano/keys, drums, and singing.

- We also teach digital music making and sound engineering through Garageband on IOs devices and on Soundtrap.com

Imagine a Community Music Center organized like a music classroom crossed with a studio where everyone is welcome and there's always someone willing to lend you some advice or show you a new way to play. 

The Brightest musical futures are built upon familiarity and comfort with 

- Improvisation
- Technique

- Repertoire

- Theory

If you or your young musician are looking to explore a future in music, or just looking to have some fun, we're the right spot for you! Here you'll build a foundation for a lifetime of sharing and enjoying music! 

Have a closer look at our site for for how Ozzy's Music Academy is Amplifying Alameda!

Classes and Workshops
Our Classes

With years of private teaching and public school experience, Ozzy is your best bet to get joyful music making started in your family/home. 

  • Absolute Beginners

  • Some experience 

  • Advanced amateurs

  • Aspiring professionals

  • Group Instruction 

  • Adult Beginners

  • Ages 3-103

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Covid 19 Options: One-on-One Lessons

Digital Conference Lessons where Ozzy meets and coaches you through developing your musicianship. Once Covid19 isolation ceases, he can bring instruments you need to work at your home. Using the most recent teaching materials and years of experience, the new or returning musician will be making music on their own in no time. 


Summer Camps 2021

Ozzy and his team of Teaching Artists will be leading summer music camps for beginners through intermediate music makers. Everyone will find some fun and room for growth. Check out the Offerings page for more details!