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How to Say Sorry? Because it Matters.

Hi Music Fam. I just wanted to share a brief outline and vlog I made that outlines Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas's philosophy of languages of Apologies. Gary Pioneered the "Love-Lab" a decades long research facility where they observed partners in relationships in a controlled setting. There he studied behavior and formulated what many of us know as the "5 Love Languages." More recently, these two have teamed up to take a more in-depth look at the nature, purpose, and practices of apologies. They formulated what makes them matter, and how to present them in compassionate ways to ensure trust and healing in your relationship.

The five steps to a good apology according to Gary and Jennifer are as follows

1) Express Remorse/Regret

2) Accept Responsibility for your part

3) Make Restitution- make it up through actions or other restorative practices

4) Repenting- commit to a plan to make things better and circumvent future conflicts of this nature

5) Ask for Forgiveness.

Take a listen to my vlog for more details on each of the steps!

Also here is an article on how children's minds process apologies and forgiveness.

Thanks for dropping in, don't forget to make some music today!

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